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Rebuilding corporate value

Find and realize value-enhancing opportunities.
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Do you have such issues?

  • Not obtained a reasonable market evaluation.

  • Lower market valuation than competitors and industry peers.

  • Have not been able to present measures to keep up with investors expectations.

  • Lack of impact in measures to improve market evaluation.

  • ​Lack of the next-generation core business.

  • Bottleneck in the growth strategy implementation.

Approach for solving suchissues

  • Identify the area of value enhancement and realization opportunities expected by investors and capital markets based on the company's valuation and factor analysis.

  • Support the optimization of capital allocation by supporting sales of non-core businesses, acquisition of new business seeds as well as the strategic investment opportunities.


​To make it an effective solution

  • Dialog with  investors and market:

The voice of the financial markets is worth listening to when looking back on your evaluation. In addition to financial and market data analysis, we will analyze and make proposals that reflect the voices of investment fund managers targeting listed or unlisted Japanese companies.

  • Realization of strategic actions:

Presenting plans will not be enough to meet the expectations of investors and the market unless they are realized. We believe that the value of our support is in the execution of measures to optimize resource allocation.

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