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Outsourcing of new business development through collaboration

New business development contract through collaboration

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Issue recognition

In order to achieve continuous profit growth, many companies are working to develop and commercialize new business opportunities, and the difficulties associated with this seem to be common issues for many companies. In addition to external factors such as difficulty in discovering and acquiring demand due to the “novelty” of initiatives and difficulty in demonstrating competitive advantage, internal factors such as conflicts of interest and difficulty in sourcing resources such as management, human resources with skills and difficulty in maintaining motivation due to low probability of success and lack of project scale.

Possible benefit of alliance

A strategic partnership can be a solution to overcome such external and internal issues. This is especially relevant in recent times, given the significant role many startup companies play in industrial innovation. Consequently, many companies aspire to realize the development of new businesses through capital partnerships with these emerging enterprises.


Also, an outsourcing of business development activities can be an effective measure to reduce internal conflict which mostly concerned around business resources. This enables the exploration of business opportunities and the advancement of business development without being constrained by the company's internal governance rules, budget systems, personnel policies, and human resources.

Our suggestion

With awareness of those issues, we proposed to develop new businesses through partnerships.

Starting from selection of target business areas and potential partners, we may look for a partnership worth consideration followed by collaboration discussions, agreement for establishment of a new company to capital invest for a targeted business. We will be supporting progress along the process, and the commissioned work will end when certain pre-specified conditions are met.

Please contact us for details of the proposals.

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